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Heart Hospital Co. - Tampere University Hospital
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Best expertise, quickest care pathway


+358 50 573 6875
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  • Our Services

    - Cardiology practice services
    - Cardiothoracic surgery practice services
    - Exercise tests
    - Cardiac ultrasound examination
    - ECG and long-term ECG registration
    - Nurse telephone service

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  • Services expanding in the autumn of 2016

    - coronary angiography
    - angioplasty procedures

  • Questions about heart symptoms?

    In case of cardiac symptoms don't hesitate to ask help from an expert. You can discuss all questions
    related to cardiac symptoms and care with our nurse tel. +358 50 400 8469 Mo-Fri 8-15


+358 50 573 6875

Experienced medical specialists at your service

The Heart Hospital is specialised in the treatment of cardiac diseases. Cardiac specialists are responsible for the quality of the service.
Each patient is quickly and effortlessly planned an individual care plan, as well as necessary procedures.
Anyone over the age of 16 years may seek medical attention from the Helsinki Heart Hospital in matters relating to cardiac diseases.